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Your Hospital Cover

Public Hospitals

  • Semi-private room in a public hospital
  • Private room in a public hospital

Private Hospitals

  • Semi-private room
  • Private room

High Tech Hospitals

  • Semi-private room
  • Private room
Important Information

Everyday Expenses

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MRI Scans

CT Scans


Your Cover

Inpatient scans and Consultants fees
  • Consultant fees Covered
  • Inpatient Scans Covered
Public Hospitals
  • Day Case Covered
  • Private Room Covered
  • Semi Private Room Covered
Private Hospitals
  • Day Case Covered
  • Private Room Covered
  • Semi Private Room Covered
High Tech Hospitals
  • Day Case Covered
  • Listed Cardiac Procedures Semi-Private Rate
  • Listed Special Procedures Semi-Private Rate
  • Private Room Covered (Beacon Only). Mater Private and Blackrock Clinic covered at Semi-Private Rate.
  • Semi Private Room Covered
  • Breastfeeding consultancy €25 x 2 sessions
  • GentleBirth App See handbook for details
  • Grant-in-aid amount Covered up to €3,450
  • Home birth Covered up to €3,450
  • Home Early Support following 1 night stay in hospital 2 hours midwife and 3 x 4 hours with postnatal supporter
  • Home Early Support following 2 nights stay in hospital 1 hour midwife and 3 x 3 hours with postnatal supporter
  • Inpatient maternity consultant fees As per schedule of benefits for professional fees
  • Partner benefit €50 x 2 days travel, accommodation & child minding expenses
  • Postnatal Domestic Support 3 x 3 hour cleaning sessions
  • Postnatal Support 2 x 3 hour sessions with postnatal supporter
  • Public hospital cover for maternity 3 nights accommodation
  • Welcome Home Food Hamper Hamper and 30 minute phone consultation with a nutritionist
  • 24 hour telephone assistance Covered
  • Companion repatriation expenses Covered up to €1,000
  • Expenses for companion who remains with you Covered up to €1,000
  • Hospital bill for inpatient treatment Covered up to €100,000
  • Repatriation expenses Covered up to €1 million
  • Benefit abroad for surgical procedures that are available in Ireland Yes - subject to level of cover available in Ireland
  • Benefit abroad for surgical procedures that are not available in Ireland Yes - up to the amount for the most similar surgical procedure to treat the same condition in Ireland
  • Not related to substance abuse 180 days (up to the level of Hospital Cover provided under your plan)
  • Related to substance abuse 91 days per 5 years (up to the level of Hospital Cover provided under your plan)
  • Cancer Support Benefit (for accommodation expenses when travelling more than 50km) Up to €100 per day up to a maximum of €1500 per calendar year
  • Child Home Nursing €100 x 14 days (following an inpatient stay of minimum 5 days)
  • Convalescence benefits €50 x 14 days
  • Gender reassignment benefit 50% up to €10,000 per lifetime
  • Genetic Testing: Initial consultation 50% cover
  • Genetic Testing: Test for specified genetic mutations Covered in approved clinics with our approved consultant
  • Health in the Home Covered (Immediately following an inpatient stay)
  • Healthy Minds Online access to mental health assessments and content and up to 6 counselling sessions via phone, chat, video or face to face
  • Home nursing €40 x 20 days
  • Medicall ambulance costs Covered (refer to Membership Handbook)
  • Oncotype DX Covered
  • Parent accompanying child €40 x 14 days (not payable for the first 3 days)
With no excess
  • Antenatal Class €75 towards an antenatal class, or, €75 contribution & 10% point of sale discount with GentleBirth Workshop
  • Digital Doctor Unlimited. See for further information.
  • Health screening Full cover for Platinum Health Screening in an approved hi-tech or private hospital once per policy year
  • HPV Vaccine 50% up to €200 per policy year
  • Maternity Mental Health Support €40 x 10 sessions with Nurture
  • Minor Injury Clinic Cover 75% up to €500 per visit
  • Minor Injury Clinic Cover (HSE) 75% up to €500 per visit
  • Nurse on call Covered
  • Vaccinations: Travel Only €50 per year
Scan Cover
  • CT Scan: approved centre Covered
  • MRI Scan: approved centre Covered
  • PET-CT Scan: approved centre Covered
  • Allen Carr Smoking Cessation
  • Allen Carr Smoking Cessation
  • Back Up
  • Back Up
  • Laser Eye Surgery
  • Laser Eye Surgery
  • Smiles Dental Access Package
  • Smiles Dental Access Package