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Taking time out to visit a healthcare professional isn’t always convenient. That’s why at Irish Life Health, we visit you. With MyClinic, our members get unlimited Digital Doctor consultations, professional counselling, back & neck physiotherapy and much more.

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What is MyClinic?

Couldn’t get an appointment? Wanted to avoid a waiting room? Just needed a prescription? Middle of the night? Whatever the reason, more and more of us are now using virtual health services to help solve our day-to-day health needs. So we created MyClinic, a single destination for phone or video access to the clinicians you told us you wanted the most.

Whether you need a quick chat with a nurse, don’t have time to wait for a doctor’s appointment or just want to check in with a counsellor for some advice, at Irish Life Health’s MyClinic we’ve a range of clinical experts and partners on hand to help. 

So if you want fast access to expert advice, at a time and place that suits you, then check out our range of services below or log into the member area to book an appointment today.

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  • Back-Up

    Expert physios on hand to help get you back on track, providing expert advice and treatment for acute neck, back & spine pain.

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  • Digital Doctor

    With Digital Doctor you get unlimited consultations with a GP by phone or online video.

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  • Financial Advice

    How we feel about our financial situation can have a significant impact on our mental & physical wellbeing. Feel confident and in control of your finances with a Financial Review.

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  • Healthy Minds

    Check in with professionally trained counsellors 24/7 who can listen and give you considered and practical advice with our Healthy Minds benefit.

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  • Medical Second Opinion

    Get an independent review of your diagnosis and treatment plan in a medical centre such as the world renowned Harvard Medical School’s Teaching Hospitals

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  • Minor Injury Clinic

    On the spot treatment in up to 19 state of the art approved minor injury clinics – find your nearest one here.

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  • MyLife

    Get access to MyLife, the app that rewards and inspires healthy behaviours.

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  • NEW: Virtual Dietician

    Consult with a registered dietician to get expert advice on how to achieve your food or diet related health goals.

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  • NEW: Virtual Physiotherapy

    Expert physios are on hand to help diagnose a range of conditions and outline a treatment plan to get you back on track.

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  • Nurse-on-Call

    Qualified nurses you can call on 24/7 for non-emergency medical advice. The smart way to put your mind at ease.

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  • Speech & Language Therapy

    Get the professional help your child needs to help them communicate with ease and confidence.

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Get unlimited, easy access to:

  • Consultations with a GP by phone or online video
  • 24/7 access to professional counsellors
  • 24/7 Nurse-on-call, there to help with non-emergency medical advice
  • Virtual Physiotherapy consultations, to get you back on track
  • Virtual Dieticians, on hand to give you expert advice
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