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Irish Life Health Cookies Policy

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are data, stored in small text files on your computer. The cookie allows the website to “remember” your actions or preferences over a period of time.

Additionally we use HTML local storage. This was introduced with HTML and is a more secure alternative to cookies. This allows websites to save data into the web browser. There are two types of storage - session and persistent. Session Storage only exists until the visitor closes their web browser. Persistent storage remains until it is deleted by the visitor. On we use some persistent local storage. We use this to store settings and configurations for some of the components we use, such as sliders and tables. This is not personal data and unlike cookies, it is not transmitted back to servers.

We use cookies and other tracking technology on this website to create a better experience for you. Like all websites based in Ireland, we need your permission to store and access cookies on your device. You can control the categories of cookies enabled on this device by selecting one of the consent options offered to you when you first visit the site, or at any time by accessing this page and selecting from the options below.

We will retain your consent for a period of 6 months after which we will seek your consent again.

Some of the cookies we use are Strictly Necessary, so our website can work properly, and do not need your consent. These will deploy when you visit our site, or when you request a service such as the Irish Life Health Member Portal. We have split the remaining cookies into three categories, Statistics, Functional and Marketing. You can choose whether to allow each of these categories separately by choosing the Allow Section button, and your choice can be changed at any time by accessing this webpage and choosing from the options below.

Cookies can be for the session only, which means they are live for the browsing session only, or persistent, which means they continue for some time after the session. You can see the duration for each cookie in the detailed table below.

In the Statistics category of cookies we have cookies that are used to gather statistics on how the website is used, the number of visitors, how long they spend on the site and how often the same devices visit ours site. The information gathered includes IP addresses, device identifiers which allows for aggregate reporting of statistics. No individual data is retained by Irish Life Health and we cannot identify users or devices individually. We have Google Analytics installed on our website with three cookies (ga, git and gad) provided by Google to enable this analytics service. Data is shared with Google through this service which may be combined with other data that Google holds to become personally identifiable information. Statistical cookies will only be enabled on our websites where you consent to Statistics cookies.

In the Functional category of cookies we have cookies that are used to provide additional website functionality and to store users preferences in how the site is presented. Some examples of additional functionality includes the provision of our webchat service, which is provided by Zendesk, a data processor who acts on our behalf. Cookies are used to remember your language and preferences. Functional cookies will only be enabled on our websites where you consent to Functional cookies.

In the Marketing category we include cookies which collect data to help us to understand where we can make website improvements or ensure that we give you information, advertising and an overall service that is more relevant to you. We include third party cookies and have set out further details in the table below the third parties who will also receive information about your website visit from these cookies. We use cookies to enable digital advertising for us, and for others in the adtech sector. We have cookies included for Google, Double Click (IDE, NID, Testcookie) and Facebook which provide data and personal information to them as well as to us.

Information is collected through our cookies about your device, your browsing history, where you visited before you came to our website, and where you visit afterwards. This includes pixel trackers and floodlights, tracking tools which provide information on what pages you have opened. The information gathered through these cookies is used by website publishers to auction space on the page you are viewing. The process can involve many companies, and happens in milliseconds.  We use digital advertising and will bid for space on other website pages, such as those owned by media companies. We use some behavioural targeting, but we restrict this to broad categories of users who may be interested in our products and services.

We do not include Marketing cookies within our customers individual on-line services such as the Member Portals or Online services. Marketing cookies will only be enabled on our website where you consent to marketing cookies. To disable cookies on third party sites including Google and Facebook you would need to visit their websites and platforms and follow instructions there.