Resources for Intermediaries

At Irish Life Health we want our customers to have a healthy future. When our customers are well, we help them stay well. When they are not, we will help them get back on their feet quickly. 

We want to offer real value, helping our customers to get the health insurance they actually need and through our partnership with you, the service and experience they deserve. 

We will continue to offer fresh and innovative benefits and service solutions based on customer needs. But for now, the most important thing to remember is that your customer’s health insurance cover isn’t changing in any way. 

Desktop with Secure Broker Portal displayed
Your Broker Portal

You can log into your Secure Broker Portal here.


Tablet displaying scheme administrator user guide
Broker Portal Video Guides

Please find some guidance for use of the portal if you are an Irish Life Health Broker Partner.

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Broker user guide documents for Irish Life Health
Broker Portal User Guide

Click here for the full user guide for Irish Life Health Live Broker Portal.


Tablet displaying the Irish Life Health claims web page
Online Claiming

With Irish Life Health Online Claiming, your customers can claim for the day-to-day and outpatient expenses online at any time, and we'll pay them directly into their bank account.

Smart phone displaying Irish Life Health digital doctor call
Digital Doctor

Digital Doctor is the benefit that gives Irish Life Health members unlimited consultations with a GP.

Tables of cover for Irish Life Health
Tables of Cover

Download the tables of cover for all of our plans.


Irish Life Health membership handbook documents
Member Handbook

Download current and previous Membership Handbooks

Stack of documents outlining Irish Life Health's list of hospitals and treatment centres
Hospital & Treatment Centres

See our list of hospitals and treatment centres.

Schedule of benefits for professional services documents for Irish Life Health
Schedule of Benefits & Procedure Lists

See our latest Schedule of Benefits and Procedure lists.


Terms of business documents for Irish Life Health
Terms of Business

Download our Terms of Business PDF.

Application Form

Download our Health Insurance Application Form PDF.