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When to Consider Health Screening

What is health screening and how reliable is it? Should we have regular screenings, or should we only do it if we’re looking for a particular disease?


Health Insights
The Truth About Good and Bad Cholesterol

You’re probably aware that cholesterol is important, but what are good and bad cholesterol, and what can you do to maintain a healthy cholesterol profile?

Juggling Work & Pregnancy

Work is hard enough when you're at your best. So how do you manage when you're pregnant? DoulaCare Ireland give advice on juggling work and pregnancy.

Health & Wellbeing
Love Your Mind as Much as Your Heart

It’s as important to look after your mind as your body. Psychologist Kristin Finkbeiner explains how employees can cultivate a sense of self-care.

Family Health
Why Basic First Aid is So Important

Knowing basic first aid could save someone’s life. Siobhán Butler of First Aid for Everyone explains why learning basic first aid skills is so important.


Benefits of Group Exercise

Brian Bruton from Galway City Harriers explains the benefits of exercising in a group, both from a motivational and social point of view.

Health Insights
How to Improve Your Sleep & Mental Health

Research suggests there’s a strong link between sleep and mental health. Motty Varghese from Sleep Therapy Clinic share tips to help you nod off naturally.

Cultivating Resilience in the Workplace

Professional Trainer Sheila O'Malley explains why developing a sense of resilience is key when it comes to enjoying a healthy relationship with the office.