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Embracing a More Sustainable Diet

Recent studies have shown that meat and dairy are having a negative effect on the environment. Learn how to cut down and embrace a more sustainable diet.

How Can Metabolism Affect Your Health?

Rather than punish yourself with a gruelling gym regime, why not take time to explore the way your body works, using personalised data to tailor a bespoke plan with realistic goals?

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Christmas Safety Tips

Given all our running around at Christmas, it’s no wonder accidents happen. Richard Egan from MyMedical shares advice and tips on staying safe.

Health & Wellbeing
Feeling Anxious at Christmas

Christmas is a tough time of year if you’re feeling socially anxious. Learn how to cope with loneliness over the festive season.

What is Chickenpox? Symptoms, Advice and Treatment

Chickenpox is often easily recognised by its characteristic rash of small blisters. It is usually a mild and short-lived illness in children. Adults are at greater risk of severe chickenpox, and chickenpox in pregnancy poses certain risks.

Family Health
Winter Swimming for Babies

With the days becoming chillier, swimming provides one of the best forms of indoor exercise for both you and your baby - and it’s just as perfect for cold winter days as it is for hot summer ones.

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Blue Light & Your Eyes

There’s been a lot of talk in the media lately about blue light; its potential to harm our eyes and even cause eventual blindness. 

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Stress Relief This Christmas

Between socialising, Christmas shopping and squabbling siblings, the holiday season can be an emotionally challenging time of year. Learn how to avoid stress this Christmas.

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Six Practical Christmas Fitness Tips

As we approach holiday season, it’s totally normal to want to unwind and indulge in some of your favourite foods and tasty festive beverages.