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Key Wellbeing Trends for 2023 

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Throughout the first half of 2023, we have observed several Wellbeing trends:

1. Mental Health Coaching for Managers

We have seen a considerable interest in corporate clients requesting specialised training for managers in mental health coaching. This aligns with the changing dynamics of manager responsibilities and the need to upskill in preparation for this - 43% of people leaders indicated that their role in managing others is more challenging since the pandemic. Since the beginning of 2023, Irish Life Wellbeing has delivered coaching sessions in manger Mental Health sessions with more sessions in the pipeline across our portfolio of clients.

The trend in increased uptake suggests a shift towards ‘more dialogue, less stigma’, a phrase highlighted in the State of the Workforce 2023 Report* (Lyra, 2023). It also reflects companies’ recognition of the need to equip managers with the skills to recognise mental health needs, and to lead by example in having conversational awareness to support their teams and themselves. This shift indicates a change from the traditional focus on events and disconnected services. Instead, the emphasis is on empowering and connecting managers.

Judging by the uptake in our coaching framework, Irish Life Wellbeing is helping to deliver on this.

2. More focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

There is more focus being placed on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion resourcing.  While our DEI programme is still in its early development stages, this trend is worth noting. Companies have numerous Employee Resource Groups driving DEI conversations forward, and we actively support these groups with trusted partners and keynote suggestions.

Clients are seeking ways to raise awareness surrounding neurodiversity, neurodiverse population cohorts, and how to maximise their strengths. This trend is in line with the rising interest in ADHD diagnoses and the growing need to gain a comprehensive understanding of this area.

3. Energy Management is on everyone’s minds

There is a noticeable increase in requests for Energy Management programmes. Our affiliates have delivered ‘Energy Management and Resilience’ sessions, and our internal team of consultants have delivered sessions on this topic too.

Work-life balance continues to be a focal point for clients to support their staff, particularly as we have navigated from remote working to hybrid work models and beyond.

Burnout is still seen as a priority to address but the shift is towards equipping individuals with skills and self-empowerment tools to build resilience and work within their own boundaries.

We expect this trend to continue as providing awareness around energy management and resilience evolves from just talking about it, to empowering companies to integrate it into their own ethos as they grow.

If you wish to find out more about how Irish Life Wellbeing can support your organisation, please contact us here:

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