Digital Doctor

Irish Life Health’s digital doctor service is available 24/7 and gives members access to phone and video consultations with an Irish qualified GP. You may also receive a prescription or sick note where necessary.

With GP practices extremely busy and given HSE Social Distancing guidelines we encourage you to use the Digital Doctor service for any illness or concerns that you would typically attend your GP for. As always If you have symptoms which the doctor believes require a physical examination, he/she will advise you to see your own GP.

In relation to COVID-19 specifically, if you believe you are displaying symptoms we have partnered with CentricGP to provide a symptom monitoring app that can track your state of health and intervene when testing or treatment is required. Click here for more details.

Alternatively you may contact your local GP via phone in order to discuss your symptoms.

As you might expect, due to a significant increase in demand, we are experiencing longer waiting periods than usual. On average calls are being answered within 5 minutes and appointments are available within 24 hours. We aim to provide advice and appointments as soon as possible and apologise for any delays

For further details and to access the service visit our Digital Doctor page.