WorkLife is a new bespoke health and wellbeing consultancy from Irish Life.

Our mission? To provide the people in your organisation with the wellbeing supports to enrich their professional and personal lives, using an evidence-based and best-practice approach.

WorkLife by Irish Life Wellbeing is not a regulated financial service

WorkLife is a consultancy service with a difference.

When you partner with us you get a tailored solution designed around supporting the health and wellbeing of your people and the unique business environment in which they operate. Using tangible insights based on your data our team of highly qualified experts in the key fields of health and wellbeing analyse, interpret and develop programmes that will make a meaningful and measurable difference to your organisation. Using the unparalleled expertise of our consultants and partners, your programme’s effectiveness is monitored, measured and refined for success. WorkLife is designed to have a real and meaningful impact on the wellbeing of your people and the health of your organisation.

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