Healthy Minds Employee Assistance Programme 

Getting in touch

1. Call Healthy Minds EAP 1850 718 888

2. Confirm your Irish Life Health policy number. and employer name.

3. A Healthy Minds EAP counsellor will evaluate the level of assistance needed.

Depending on your need you’ll then receive either general information, specialist advice (e.g. legal, financial) or immediate telephone support or counselling if required

Explore your mental health

1. Sign up at or download the app  

2. Select ‘Sign Up’ and enter your invitation code – it's simply ‘ilh-’ followed by your member no e.g. ilh-1234567.

3. Follow a few simple steps and you’re ready to start exploring helpful assessments and content.

Remember, if at any stage you feel like you’d like to reach to a counsellor you can call them directly from the app or use our 'chat now' function to get some advice via webchat.

What's it all about?

From minor concerns to more serious issues, life’s challenges come in all sizes. No matter how small or challenging the problem, the Healthy Minds benefit delivers all-round support, all year round. Better yet, use the resources available to stay on top of your mental wellbeing so you’re better prepared to handle an issue if it arises.

Through the confidential helpline, you can speak directly to a counsellor. If face-to-face counselling or immediate assistance is needed, you will be referred to a Healthy Minds counsellor.

Call 1850 718 888

Support when you need it

If there is a problem, don’t assume it needs to be a major crisis. Healthy Minds offers help with a huge variety of issues.
Maybe a landlord won’t return a deposit. Perhaps work is taking over too much of your life. Or more seriously, depression could be having a negative impact on your life. Whatever your problem, we’ve got professionally trained counsellors on hand to listen and give you considered, impartial and practical advice.


Support where you need it

Minding your mental health is easier with more ways to access support when you need it.

What if you don't feel like talking to someone?

Often we might just want some more information or advice on a topic that’s bothering us. Our new Healthy Minds platform gives you just that:

- Articles
- Toolkits
- Podcasts
- Assessments

...all developed to help you understand more about a whole range of issues. And if you feel like talking to someone afterwards, you can always speak directly to our experts via phone or live chat directly from the app.

Visit the Platform

Remember, if at any stage you feel like you'd like to reach out to a counsellor you can call them directly from the app or use our 'Chat now' function to get some advice via webchat.

Confidentiality assured

Rest assured, the service is completely confidential. Our Healthy Minds partner, LifeWorks by Morneau Shepell never shares information unless there’s an immediate danger of harm to you or others. You will be asked for relevant information (such as your GP’s details) - but only if this is necessary. All personal data is securely stored and is governed by Data Protection legislation.

Healthy Minds is available on all Irish Life Health hospital plans to new and existing members from 1st January 2019.