Our complaints policy and procedures

Our objectives

  • To address reported customer dissatisfaction quickly, courteously and effectively
  • To ensure a fair and equitable resolution to any complaint
  • To retain customer confidence and respect
  • Where appropriate, to update our procedures to avoid any re-occurrence of the problems 
  • To endeavour to achieve a situation where our customer feels we have properly addressed the complaint but if any dissatisfaction remains, ensure the customer is notified of the right to refer the matter to the Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman.

Irish Life Health welcomes all complaints. We endeavour to do our utmost to resolve your complaint as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our complaint handling procedure will outline what we do in the event of a complaint.

Complaints procedures

  1. Irish Life Health will establish and maintain a complaints file for each formal complaint together with a full record and all details pertinent to the investigation of the complaint. All complaint records will be kept for 6 years and the files periodically audited by the appointed Compliance Manager.

  2. Where a complaint is received by Irish Life Health, the company will record the details of this complaint and issue an acknowledgement letter within 5 working days of receipt.

  3. Irish Life Health will investigate the complaint as quickly as possible and where applicable, the complainant will receive a regular written update on the progress of the investigation at intervals of not more than 20 business days.

  4. Within 5 days of the conclusion of the company's investigation of the complaint, the company will send a written communication on the outcome of its investigation. This communication shall include, if applicable, an explanation of the terms of any offer that Irish Life Health is prepared to make in settlement of the complaint and will explain how we arrived at the resolution of your case.

  5. If the complainant expresses dissatisfaction with the outcome of the investigation or the complaint has not been resolved within 8 weeks of receipt of the complaint, Irish Life Health will write to the Complainant advising them of the anticipated time frame for resolution of the complaint and the details for referral to the Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman.