Broker Awards 2022

Irish Life Health Broker Awards 2023!

Introducing the Irish Life Health Broker Awards 2023!

Our goal is to recognise our broker partners and all your incredible achievements over the past year. Through six distinct categories, we will celebrate your unmatched excellence.

To be considered for the Irish Life Health Broker Awards, just select the category, or categories, that best suits you below and share your story by filling in the details in the entry form before our closing date on November 15th.

The more information you can give us the better! Deep within our roots, we share a core value in the importance of taking care of others. Like an oak tree: from a tiny acorn that grows into the powerful tree, we have grown enormously. As dependable as the oak, we promise protection no matter the storm.

The heart of the oak is the innermost part of the tree; so sturdy and reliable that sailors used it for their ships. You can put your trust in the heart of the oak, much like the trust we place in our broker partners as you continue to grow with us and branch out in new, and exciting directions.

This is why not only do we look forward being part of your journey of growth, but also helping you on that ever-important voyage.

Best of luck with your submission!

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