Using Technology to Stay Connected

Mother and daughter on Laptop

As the nation continues to practice physical distancing and social isolation, staying connected with friends and family becomes more of a challenge. It’s important though for all of us to have a support network in trying times like these. The team at Lifeworks have put together some tips on how to use technology to stay in touch with your nearest and dearest.

Share News with Family First

Tell close family and friends your various pieces of news – no matter how small – before posting on social media. This lets them know they’re special and will give them a boost. Given the unusual circumstances, news can be anything from winning a game of Monopoly to baking a cake! Again, older parents and grandparents will love feeling part of your day-to-day activities.

Embrace the Basics

First up, there are dozens of ways to exchange stories, news, pictures and life updates. Messenger and WhatsApp are popular services for group messages and communicating internationally. If a friend or relative doesn't use email or text messages, help them get started. If they show an interest in learning how to use email, you could suggest a free online tutorial at GCFGlobal. If you’re able to, consider sending handwritten letters, cards, photos, or notes from time to time, too. Older people will really appreciate this personal touch.

Video Calls

If you’d prefer to see smiling faces on the other end of a call, consider video chats. You can have ‘face-to-face' conversations in real time on your phone or computer using Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Zoom, or a whole host of other platforms. They’re a great way for cocooning grandparents to catch up with little (and big) kids!

Older woman on her laptop

Record Special Moments

You can also collate special content on platforms like Google Photos, Flickr and Snapfish. It’s another great way for older family members to feel like they’re not missing out on key moments. Have fun capturing pics and video messages with the kids, then upload to your website of choice and share the link with all the family.

Remember Important Dates

You may not be able to meet up for celebratory cake, but you can still show friends and family you’re thinking about them on special occasions. Send birthday, anniversary, and 'missing you’ cards, either handwritten or digitally. It only takes a minute to send an ecard, and in these trying times, the gesture will be very much appreciated.