Fitness Tips with Mr. Motivator

Mr. Motivator

Irish Life Health recently invited iconic fitness guru Mr. Motivator to Dublin for a very special workout session. Having already inspired a generation to get active with his bubbly personality and colourful outfits, the 66-year-old is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon! After a very fun class in the city-centre, Mr. Motivator shared some simple fitness tips for anyone looking to get a bit more fit in 2019.

“Getting fitter and healthier should be everyone’s main priority”, he begins. “We’re all living longer, so it’s important that we put procedures in place that yield and provide both immediate and long-term benefits.” The potential results of getting active, he says, are huge. “The moment you bring exercise into your life, you’ll start to reduce and delay the onset of illnesses.” Deciding on your sport or hobby of choice is crucial, Mr. Motivator notes. “Making the right choice of what physical activity to take up is critical if you’re going to stay committed. So, I’ve put together the following thoughts to help you decide what suits you best…”

  1. Swimming

“Make sure the facilities for swimming are easy to get to, otherwise when the weather closes in, you’ll have an excuse not to go. Swimming is a great all-round activity that works many muscles. The support of the water is great for joints and creates very little impact.”

woman swimming
  1. Walking / Jogging

“For this activity, all you need is a good pair of walking or training shoes, layers of clothing (as you get warm you can start to remove them), and a backpack.” 

  1. Racquet Sports

“Sports like tennis or badminton are great for playing with friends or making new acquaintances. This is so necessary if you are to keep an activity going when the weather’s bad, or you just don’t fancy leaving the house.” 

  1. Dance Class

“Dance provides many obvious benefits, and even the rhythm and tempo of music is a great stress reliever. This option is a must for those who have the desire to learn something new.”

dance class
  1. Joining a Gym 

It’s not critical or necessary to join a gym if you’re a self-motivator. However, making that first step across the doorway is a great leveler, and becomes the beginning of your fitness journey. Having a buddy with the same goals will help you to keep going. I suggest with gyms, you only pay as you go, for one class or its usage for the first month.  Avoid a membership until you’re sure this is definitely for you.” 


  • Keep a diary, recording of how you feel each day. Write down why you want to exercise, establish your goals, and note how well you’ve done.

  • When choosing any activity, grade it 1-10, with 10 being the most fun you’re having. If an activity doesn’t regularly get a 7 or 8, find something else instead.

  • Reward yourself weekly, not just with your favourite treat, but also by the words you tell yourself. Don’t wait around to hear how fabulous you are, tell yourself exactly that!

  • Make movement a part of your hourly routine. Set your alarm every hour, and make that the time you get up, walk to the kitchen and back. Go up the stairs as quickly and safely as you can. Muscles love work.

  • In all things, focus on being mentally strong. How you look at life is critical for personal satisfaction. Ask yourself the question: ‘Is your glass half full or half empty?’ The answer lies in how you look at your life.

  • Your attitude determines how healthy you are, so try to always have a positive frame of mind.