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Asthma Care programme - Buteyko Clinic

Buteyko Clinic Ireland are offering Irish Life Health (adult) members an exclusive discount on an online Zoom group clinic with Patrick McKeown which offers training in the Buteyko Breathing Method which can help to reduce the symptoms of asthma, rhinitis and other respiratory conditions. Our members can avail of this class for $50 (a reduction on the normal price of $75).

The Buteyko Asthma and Respiratory Issues Clinic includes detailed instructions on;

  • How to unblock the nose
  • How to reduce hyperventilation and regulate your breathing volume
  • How to reduce symptoms of asthma, rhinitis, respiratory conditions and long covid (coughing, wheezing, breathlessness, mouth breathing)
  • How to relieve anxiety, depression, stress and panic attacks through specific breathing protocols and exercises
  • How to resolve sleep issues ranging from snoring and sleep apnoea to insomnia.
What you can expect;
  • A 2-hour live Zoom class in a small group
  • A recording of the seminar for you to keep and watch again
  • A 15-minute Q&A session via Zoom chat
  • Lifetime access to a Buteyko online course (value $30).
  • 10% off one-to-one sessions

Classes are suited to ages 16 and over and class sizes are limited to 25 participants to give participants the best experience.
The Buteyko Method involves switching from mouth to nose breathing on a permanent basis, along with practising breathing exercises which are specifically designed to bring breathing volume to calmer and more normal levels. As breathing becomes more efficient, the feeling of breathlessness during rest and physical exercise reduces. If you have asthma, research states you will habitually breathe much more air than someone without asthma. When you “over-breathe” it disturbs vital blood gasses including carbon dioxide and oxygen. And it cools and dries the airways, making you cough, wheeze and feel breathless.

To avail of this offer, Irish Life Health members can visit and enter irishlife50 in the discount code box at checkout.

Contact Details

Telephone: 091-335536
Terms & conditions apply. Please see your Table of Cover and Membership Handbook for details.