Heart Care Programme

A new way to manage heart failure

The Heart Care Programme has been designed for anyone suffering from heart failure or heart insufficiency. Terms like this are used to describe a heart that isn’t working as well as it should be and is struggling to meet the needs of your body.

The Heart Care Programme gives you the tools to check your blood pressure, heart rate and weight at home. A clinical team will check your readings to ensure everything is as it should be, giving you the peace of mind that someone is regularly monitoring your condition.

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To find out more, call Irish Life Health on 01-5625104

Spotting important warning signals early

If you’re eligible to join the programme, you’ll be sent the equipment you need to check your blood pressure, heart rate and weight twice a week. Using a simple app, the results are sent to a specialist clinical team at Care-Connect, our partner provider. The team monitor your readings to ensure everything is as it should be. If necessary, they can make recommendations about slightly altering your medication or provide you with advice on what you should do next. Overall, the team’s key concern is to try and spot early warning signs so that action can be taken before a more serious problem develops.

What about my GP or consultant?

Your existing heart care plan stays in place and continues to be overseen by your Doctor. The Care-Connect team’s goal is simply to monitor up-to-date information so that your condition doesn’t change without being detected, hopefully reducing any worry you may have about this.

Anna’s story

Anna suffers from cardiomyopathy and has been on the Heart Care Programme since February 2023. Anna shares her experience and why she’d encourage others with heart failure or heart insufficiency to consider joining the programme.

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If you're living with heart failure or heart insufficiency and are interested in joining the Heart Care Programme, register your interest below. The programme is covered by your existing Irish Life Health plan and won’t cost you anything extra. If you’d like to find out more about this benefit, you can contact the Irish Life Health team on 01 5625104. Please note this is not a heart screening programme. If you suspect you have a heart condition, please contact your GP.

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Available to Irish Life Health members aged 18+ on all hospital plans. This benefit is provided by Care-Connect and will be made available wherever Care-Connect can provide the service and where the requirements can be met on hardware and connectivity by the Irish Life Health member. Access and eligibility for the programme is subject to Care-Connect’s terms and conditions. Your GP or consultant must approve your suitability and you must also meet Care-Connect’s specified clinical indicators as set out in the Schedule of Benefits. Terms and conditions apply. To participate in this service we will review your past and current health insurance claims to help us understand the impact and cost effectiveness of the programme. See your Table of Cover and Membership Handbook for details.

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