Heart Care Programme

A new way to manage heart failure

Do you have a diagnosis of heart failure? If so, you might be interested in the Heart Care Programme which has been developed to support Irish Life Health members living with heart failure and to help manage the condition more effectively at home. The programme is the first care programme under the Care Connect benefit. The programme is delivered by our partner provider, Care-Connect, an innovative, primary healthcare service that blends in-person and digital care, including remote monitoring, to provide easy and convenient access to expert care and personalised health advice for Irish Life Health members.

If you have a diagnosis of heart failure from either your GP or cardiologist, and would like to manage it more effectively from the comfort of your home, register your interest today.

Register your interest

Heart failure, or heart insufficiency are terms used to describe a heart that isn’t working as well as it should be. Although it is called heart 'failure', this doesn't mean that your heart is about to stop working. It does mean that your heart is having difficulty working to meet the needs of your body, especially during activity. Heart failure affects more than 90,000 people living in Ireland. (HSE.ie)

How does the programme work?

  • If you have been diagnosed with heart failure, you may be eligible for the programme. Your GP or cardiologist must approve your suitability.

  • When you join the Heart Care Programme, you will be sent any of the equipment you need.

  • You measure and record your blood pressure, heart rate and weight twice a week using a specially designed app. You’ll need a smartphone or tablet to record measurements on the app.

  • The Care-Connect nurses will monitor your data and alert you if your measurements need to be reviewed.

  • The Care-Connect nurses will work with you to manage your medications more efficiently at home, and will keep your GP and/or heart failure team up to date on your condition.

Care Programmes that give you more

If you have heart failure, you’ve likely experienced waiting rooms and numerous GP or hospital visits. Here’s a few reasons why the Heart Care Programme could be more suitable for you and your lifestyle:

  • Earlier and more frequent access to care, resulting in better health outcomes

  • The peace of mind knowing your vital health measures can be closely monitored

  • Less unexpected hospital visits delivering improved quality of life for you and your family

  • Included on your Irish Life Health plan, at no extra cost

If you're living with heart failure and are interested in joining the Heart Care Programme, register your interest here. Please note this is not a heart screening programme. If you suspect you have a heart condition, please contact your GP.

Available to Irish Life Health members aged 18+ on all hospital plans. This benefit is provided by Care-Connect and will be made available wherever Care-Connect can provide the service and where the requirements can be met on hardware and connectivity by the Irish Life Health member. Access and eligibility for the programme is subject to Care-Connect’s terms and conditions. Your GP or consultant must approve your suitability and you must also meet Care-Connect’s specified clinical indicators as set out in the Schedule of Benefits. Terms and conditions apply. To participate in this service we will review your past and current health insurance claims to help us understand the impact and cost effectiveness of the programme. See your Table of Cover and Membership Handbook for details.

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