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Genetic Testing

From the shape of noses to hair colour, genes clearly affect everyone’s physical appearance. However, your genetic makeup also has a major impact on your health and wellbeing.

Knowing more means doing more

Discovering a genetic predisposition may seem daunting. But it also means you can take concrete steps to protect yourself or ensure early diagnosis of some cancers. For this reason, selected Irish Life Health plans now offer cover for genetic testing at the Blackrock Clinic or Mater Private Hospital Dublin.

Genetic testing: what you’re covered for

If you are thinking about genetic testing, your Irish Life Health plan* offers helpful benefits at each stage:

1. Talking to your GP and referral

The first step is to discuss any issue of concern with your GP. Maybe a family member has recently been diagnosed with one of the cancers in question or you’ve discovered a history of the illness in your family’s past. If it’s considered necessary or clinically appropriate, you can then be referred for specialist genetic testing.

How we can help*:
GP Consultation Benefit - Contribution towards the cost of attending a GP

2. Assessment by a Consultant

An expert in the Cancer Genetic clinic will assess your individual situation and following a review of your family’s medical history, may recommend genetic testing, if appropriate.

How we can help*:
-Healthy Minds Benefit - Mental Health Support Online access to mental health assessments and content and up to 6 counselling sessions via phone, chat, video or face to face
-Genetic Testing: Initial Consultation – contribution towards the cost of an initial consultation with an Irish Life Health approved oncology medical consultant with specialisation in the area of Medical genetics in the Blackrock Clinic or Mater Private Hospital, Dublin

3. Testing and discussion of results

Your consultant will arrange a blood test that can confirm the absence of specific gene mutations or may show up genetic predispositions to these cancers. Your Consultant will discuss the results with you before considering next steps.

How we can help*: 
- Genetic Testing: Test for specified genetic mutations – full cover of a test for known genetic mutations associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndromes or hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer at Blackrock Clinic or the Mater Private Hospital, Dublin.
- Healthy Minds Benefit - Mental Health Support Online access to mental health assessments and content and up to 6 counselling sessions via phone, chat, video or face to face

4. Follow up

If a genetic predisposition is discovered, your Consultant will recommend follow up actions or treatment if it’s required, including screenings and preventative surgeries should they be clinically appropriate.

How we can help*:
- Pathology: Cost of test – Contribution towards the cost for pathology. (blood tests)
- Pathology: Consultant fees - This benefit allows you to claim back some of the consultant’s fee for pathology
- Radiology: Cost of test - Contribution towards the out-patient costs for radiology (i.e. X-Rays, mammograms and non-maternity ultrasounds) carried out in a an accredited medical facility
- Radiology: Consultant fees – Contribution towards the consultant’s fee for radiology

*Available on selected plans. Please check your Table of Cover to confirm your benefits.
Genetic Testing benefits are available on selected plans to new and existing members from 1st January 2019. T & Cs do apply so please check your Member Handbook.
You should note that the results of any genetic testing are never shared with Irish Life Health. They remain a confidential matter between you and your medical professional.