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How to claim your personalised packages & extras

When it comes to claiming the benefits that are contained within your Personalised Packages and Extras, there are three possible ways to make your claim:

1. Direct Settlement

We will pay the person or organisation in question directly on your behalf. You may need to fill in a form when receiving the treatment or service. In some cases these benefits are only available for specific service providers. Where this is the case the service provider is listed.

 2. Pay and Claim

You will need to pay the person or organisation in question yourself. You can then claim the amount that is covered back from us (up to the amount that you have paid for the goods or services). The maximum amount that can be claimed under each of these benefits is set out in your Table of Cover. The receipts will need to include the date, name of supplier, brief description of services and the total amount you paid.

 3. Point of Sale Discounts

You can claim a discount directly from the service provider named in the benefit when you are paying for the services. The discount that is available for each benefit is set out in your Table of Cover and may be capped at a certain amount. You will need to show the service provider your Irish Life Health membership card at the time of purchasing or booking the products or service to avail of these discounts. These discounts may not be available in conjunction with other promotions offered by the service provider.

 4. Claim Online

All Irish Life Health members can submit their Personalised Package and Extras claims via our online claiming system in your online member area.