Back-Up from Irish Life Health

The Smart Way to Overcome Back & Neck Pain

Back or neck pain will affect many of us at some point, but if tackled early and managed correctly, most people make a full and fast recovery and get back to enjoying every aspect of their lives. To support you in this, Irish Life Health have brought together a panel of clinical experts to create Back-Up, an innovative case management service providing advice on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation for neck and back pain. Back-Up offers expert assessment and treatment, should you need it, with up to 8 physio sessions for a one-off payment of just €50.

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How Back-Up Works

If you experience any back or neck pain take the following steps to get Back-Up:

Step 1

Call Back-Up on 1890 928 998

Step 2

We’ll check a time and location that’s convenient for you, then book a triage assessment with a clinical case manager.

Step 3

He or she will assess your injury and recommend a personalised treatment plan.