Message a Doctor FAQ's

Key questions about Message a Doctor

You can use the service to get advice around a general medical query. The service is not intended to replace your own GP or for any serious or urgent medical conditions.

All the Doctors are registered and based in Ireland.

Generally, it will take less than 5 minutes to get a response from the Doctor. However, during busy times or overnight, it may take longer.

Yes you can upload an accompanying image or file when sending a message to the Doctor.

The service is included on all hospital plans, at no extra cost.

This service is provided by Abi Global Health on behalf of Irish Life Health.

Abi Global Health is committed to safeguarding the data in its possession. You can view Abi Global Health’s Data Protection and Privacy Policy here.

Yes. Patient confidentiality is very important, and all medical records remain confidential. Continuity of care is extremely important; therefore, a record of your consultation and medical notes can be securely sent to your own GP by request, with your consent.

A copy of your conversation is made available to you once the conversation is completed.