I will run January, it won't run me!

I will run January, it won't run me!

At Irish Life Health we are here to help you to embrace a healthier lifestyle.  To support you on a positive start to your healthier 2021, we bring you #Runuary.  

With our dedicated training programmes, suited to all levels of runners, we’ll help unlock your inner drive to keep you on track, not only in January, but beyond. You see, running is for life not just for lockdown.

So, get out and enjoy the endorphins that running unleashes.  Run January, don’t let it run you.

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What is it?

Runuary is a month long running challenge starting on the 1st of January and ending on the 31st. Perfect timing for getting your New Year off to a good start. With a training plan to suit all levels of runners, from the beginner to the more advanced, we will help get you on track for a healthier 2021.

How Do I Get Involved?

How Do I Get Involved?

Runners of all levels can sign up free of charge here.

  • Register and choose the programme you want to follow

  • Follow the training plan we have designed especially for you

  • Access the range of supports available, such as emails, training tips and videos

  • Find a flat bit of ground, pop on your runners and get moving

  • Log your miles and distance and watch your progress grow!

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Supports to help you on your journey

Tips to get you ready for the Runuary Challenge

Tips to get you ready for the Runuary Challenge

Here’s some helpful tips to get you Runuary ready.

Runuary Tips

Take control of January with Runuary

This video highlights the benefits of running for your body and mind. The hardest part is lacing up your runners and taking the first step out the door. Don’t let the cold and darkness stop you. You’ll be so glad you did it! A step closer to fitness, a clearer mind and feeling more energised. Take control of January with Runuary.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is an FAQ on Runuary, it will tell you all you need to know about the programme. 

Get 2021 off to a healthy start!


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