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Is Screen Time Taking Over Your Free Time?

In this busy digital era, we’re constantly bombarded with all kinds of online content. Learn how to prevent your device from taking over your life.

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The Benefits of Green & Blue Exercise

Green and blue exercise refer the natural environments of nature and water respectively. According to Nollaig O’Sullivan, the benefits are huge.

Building Resilience in Children

Building resilience in children is key to them becoming healthy, well-rounded adults. Here, Sheila O’Malley gives advice on how to raise a resilient child.

Four Gym Alternatives to Keep You Fit & Healthy

We’ve all been there, and who can blame us? We seem to associate the gym with exhaustion and unfitness. Because of this existential dread, we’d like to suggest some alternatives to slogging it out on the treadmill for what feels like hours.

Fitness Tips with Mr. Motivator

Irish Life Health recently invited iconic fitness guru Mr. Motivator to Dublin for a very special workout session. Here’s what he had to say.

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The Importance of Self-Love & Positivity

Patrick Williams, Clinical Director of LifeWorks by Morneau Shepell explains the importance of self-love and positivity as keys to building happiness.

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5 Preventative Measures for Cancer

Although there’s no one definitive way to prevent cancer, it’s useful to know (and avoid) the lifestyle and dietary factors that contribute to the disease.

Embracing a More Sustainable Diet

Recent studies have shown that meat and dairy are having a negative effect on the environment. Learn how to cut down and embrace a more sustainable diet.

How Can Metabolism Affect Your Health?

Rather than punish yourself with a gruelling gym regime, why not take time to explore the way your body works, using personalised data to tailor a bespoke plan with realistic goals?

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Christmas Safety Tips

Given all our running around at Christmas, it’s no wonder accidents happen. Richard Egan from MyMedical shares advice and tips on staying safe.