Healthy Minds

If you’re feeling nervous about the Coronavirus, you’re not alone. Being concerned and empathetic about this outbreak is normal. However, if you’re experiencing feelings of discomfort that impact your concentration, productivity or even disrupt sleep patterns you may wish to speak to one of our qualified counsellors.

The Irish Life Health Healthy Minds service is available 24/7 and lets you speak directly to a counsellor by phone or webchat. Where clinically appropriate you may also receive follow on sessions which can now be facilitated by phone or video.

In present circumstances, individuals may feel uncomfortable or unable to pick up the phone, particularly if the issue relates to or might be influenced by another individual in the household. In these circumstances its worth remembering that you also have access to the LifeWorks app as part of the Healthy Minds service.

Aside from providing toolkits, assessments and content that can help you assess your current situation, the platform also lets you speak to a counsellor via webchat which may be more discreet than a phonecall.

For further details on how to access the service and the LifeWorks platform visit our Healthy Minds page.