Wellness DNA Test

One of the few positives we’ve seen in recent weeks is a renewed focus on living a healthier lifestyle. Many of us have discovered new ways to exercise, whether individually or with our families. Social media and popular chefs have kept us inspired with healthy eating tips and recipes.

When we beat this crisis and our lives return to a more typical structure, many of us will be challenged to maintain these new habits. One of the reasons this is the case is because exercise and nutrition needs simply aren’t one size fits all – its easy to dismiss a workout or diet type as not being quite right for us and walking away as a result.

That’s one of the reasons we’ve introduced the new DNA Wellness test from DNAfit. The test, which can be done from home, reveals how our unique genetic profile can influence our response to exercises and to nutrition. No one size fits all, just specific insights into how your DNA can impact your wellbeing.

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