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The Benefits of Joining a MyLife Challenge

Download the free MyLife app today, and discover your unique ‘Health Score’, as well as fun real-life challenges and lots of great advice from our AI coach.   

Health Insights
Understanding Fibromyalgia

It’s thought that fibromyalgia affects around 1 in 50 Irish people. Here’s everything you need to know about this chronic condition.

Benefits of VO2 Testing

Whether you want to run a marathon or 5k, the team at Health Matters can use VO2 testing to create a personalised fitness and nutrition plan. 

Helping Your Teen Avoid Energy Drinks

Studies have found that energy drinks may be linked to behavioural changes in young people. Here’s how to support your teen as exams approach. 

Health Insights
Understanding Endometriosis

We explain the symptoms and treatments of this chronic condition that often goes undiagnosed. 

How ALONE Supports Older People

Many older people feel isolated and lonely. But through ALONE’s Befriending programme, they’ve received support – and made a new friend.

Family Health
Managing Your Family’s Digital Consumption

Covid has caused our digital consumption to sky-rocket. Here’s how parents and kids can foster some healthier habits when it comes to tech and online behaviour. 


A Guide to Sea Swimming in Ireland

Are you tempted to get into the sea, but feeling apprehensive? Our complete guide to sea swimming in Ireland will help you prepare to make a splash! 

Family Health
Top Tips to Prepare for the Return to School (& Work)

As the new school term is nearly upon us, parenting expert Aoife Lee shares her tips on how to prepare for the first week back, from morning and bedtime routines as well as managing your own expectations.