Your guide to the year ahead: 2022 HR Outlook

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2021 proved to be as unpredictable and unexpected as the previous year, with the pandemic continuing and dragging hybrid working, travel restrictions and social distancing with it.

As HR leaders, you’ve supported your employees as they’ve adapted to long-term working from home, venturing back into the office and dealing with the ongoing effects of the pandemic.

We understand that this ever-changing world can be tricky to navigate from a people management perspective, especially when your staff aren’t necessarily in one place. We’re here to guide you through this new landscape and navigate challenges such as flexible working and post-pandemic hiring, so you can focus on the health and happiness of your employees.

In this 2022 Outlook, we’re taking a look at the key workplace trends that are generating a buzz, what challenges and opportunities they present, and how you can address these as part of your HR strategy for the new year. We speak to HR Leaders Carol Wallace, Director of Compensation and Benefits EMEAL at LinkedIn and Lynsey Perdisatt, Head of Future of Work at Irish Life, to find out what they are planning for 2022.

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