Fitsquad Discounts | Irish Life Health


To help you get active and improve your fitness levels,  Irish Life Health members, as part of their plan, get 20% off their first training session with Fitsquad.

Fitsquad is an outdoor group fitness programme for men and women. Fitsquad aims to motivate you as an individual, helping you achieve your goals and making every class interactive and fun while getting results every time.


Each class gives people a training session that is, as intensive and effective as personal training, but in a group, fun, friendly environment.

The classes are all outdoor so you get the added benefit of all that fresh air.

Our classes are made up of a number of different types of exercises from aerobic and cardio, strengthening, toning & conditioning and flexibility, we use circuits, boxercise, outdoor free weights, games and other forms of techniques to give an overall workout.

No two classes are the same so you won’t ever get a chance to get bored and you get to mix with like minded people with the fun, friendly and motivating surroundings that we create for you.

We run the class at an “at your own pace” policy, which means that you will be able to do the class at your own pace.

Fitsquad Benefits

In eight weeks Fitsquad can help you increase your fitness levels, build lean muscle, help lose some weight, reduce stress levels, boost confidence, improve your concentration levels and above all, have fun. 


Fitsquad hold classes in locations all around Dublin and in Galway. To locate a class near you and for more information visit

The good news is you don’t have to attend the classes in the same location every time you go. If a location is handy for you when you are in work, you can go there during the week and at the weekends you can go to a class at a location that is closer to home.

How to claim your discount

If you are signing up with Fitsquad online, you will be prompted to enter your Irish Life Health insurance membership number which can be found on your membership card. The discount will be automatically applied.

If you are signing up with Fitsquad in person at one of their classes, simply show your membership card and state that you are a health member with Irish Life Health. Your discount will be applied straight away.